Sunday, June 29, 2008

Walking off the Calories in South Bend
A delightful dinner is behind us and an even more delightful evening is before us, so my husband and I decided to wander a bit before heading back to the hotel.

The orange barrier marks the beginning of the East Race on the St. Joseph river. This is a man-made channel of the St. Joseph River that was supposed to provide hydro-power for factories in years past. I understand that the East Race was re-worked in recent years and now serves as an Olympic training waterway for kayaking. Another benefit is that people can raft down the obstacle-filled waterway for a fee on certain days of the week.

Looking downstream of the East Race.

An island was created when the East Raceway was dug. Today, a public park occupies that island. Fortunately for us, instructional plaques stand ready to educate us.

The West Race was somewhat less than successful, but today serves as a backdrop for the convention center.

The East Race is still quite useful.

Salmon in Indiana? Who knew? Well, I didn't, so be quiet.

So, how do the salmon and trout know to go through this maze? Are there fish instructions somewhere? Did someone sit down and explain the procedure to the fishies? And by the way, trout and salmon are closely related in the fish world.

My husband insisted that I get a picture of Corby's Irish Pub, as scenes from the movie Rudy were filmed here. As he was thinking of my dear daughter's happiness, I gladly obliged him.

We found another island. To the right of the picture is what is left of the West Race.

The sculpture in the bend of the dams is "Keepers of the Fire" by Mark di Suvero.

I just love the play of the water as it joyfully makes its way over the dam.

Whew! After a nice hour's walk up and down the races and the river for a few blocks on either side, I think I can forgive myself for eating such a lovely dinner. I really must thank my husband for taking this time to walk around town with me. Uh, maybe later. Sh, go away now...

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