Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Friday to Myself in South Bend

Now given that I don't work and my youngest child is 19 years old, you might think that I live a life of leisure. Not so, mon ami. Even while I am at home alone with my dear cat, I am constantly aware that in just a few minutes I must spring into action and cook, clean, attack, whatever. Did I mention that my dear daughter is 19? And I still cook, clean, attack, whatever? What is wrong with this picture?

Er, anyway... so I warned (or threatened, whatever) my husband to not 'volunteer' me for anything on Friday for the Scottish Rite Council of Deliberation as I had plans. Never mind that at the very last minute I voluntarily backed out of my plans due to the realities of the abysmal parking situation at the hotel and the very iffy weather situation (is that even a real term?). Safe at home in Bloomington, In, I had envisioned traveling to the Ella Morris and Muessel-Ellison Botanical Conservatories and Potawatomi Greenhouse. Now, that's a mouth-full. However, plans change and I pride myself on being able to go with the flow. So, I decided to take advantage of the break in the weather and explore the area around the hotel on foot. And I certainly could use the exercise. But you didn't hear that from me.

Hmph, now, this is not what I had in mind...

Only a mother's love could prompt a non-football lover to venture into such dangerous and uncharted territory.

Well, maybe I can cheat a bit. After all, I have no desire to pay $12! to tour a museum that explores a subject about which I have no interest whatsoever. So, I'll just slink about a bit and take pictures, and spend some money in the gift shop for said dear daughter. Perhaps that will be enough?

Okay, here's a pic.

And another.

Okay, now this is more my style. As I leisurely wandered around the area around our hotel I happened upon this park that is just across the street from the hotel. As it turns out, on Fridays from 11:30 t0 1:30 the Morris Center sponsors a free concert by the fountain. I just happened to arrive right after the start and as there were a few food vendors on site, I purchased my lunch and found a free bit of a planting ledge and settled in. What fun.

The marque informs us that today's musical offering is the Jason Sapen Band. I would assume that they are a local band. I will say that despite the lead singer's rather humorous confusion as to the actual time of day, they were good. Good enough that I spent an hour out in the hot sunlight to listen to them and watch the people around me.

And this young lady seems to be an avid fan. This adorable little girl started dancing as soon as her mother let her out of the stroller.

Just a few minutes after I took this picture, an older lady came up to me and tutted over the teenagers who were strolling through the fountain, complaining that they were too old to do such a thing and the next thing you'd know, the adults would be following suit. I smiled and told her, "too late."

I sat and watched the crowds gather. There were babies in strollers, young families, teenagers, senior citizens, blue collar workers, medical professionals, tourists (like me) and white collar professionals. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I love life moments like this. Life is good.

I wish our town had this sort of thing.

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