Friday, January 16, 2009

Pot Roast Redux

I had planned on having leftovers when I made pot roast the other day. I wanted to make a Darke County, Ohio favorite with those leftovers.

I first pulled the congealed fat off the top of the pot roast. We won't be needing that fat, so off into the trash it goes.

Then I pulled the meat apart and made sure that any other fat or gristle was removed. I set aside the meat and much of the jellied sauce for tonight's dinner. The remaining potatoes, carrots and beef will make a nice lunch this weekend for my husband.

And now it's time to cook. I cooked some noodles in a bit of boiling water before adding the beef and sauce.

A sprinkling of fresh Italian parsley added the finishing touch.

I must admit that I Semi-Ho'd the rest of the meal. I bought a package of pre-made mashed potatoes and dolled that up with butter, Half-and-Half, salt and black pepper. Please don't think any less of me.

Now, I know you are saying "what makes this a Darke County dish?" Peculiar to this area is the practice of placing the mashed potatoes on the plate and then dumping the noodles on top of the mashed potatoes. You wouldn't believe the odd looks you get from strangers when you plate your meal this in this manner.

Hmph. I am calling out my husband and daughter, both of whom were born in Darke County, because they did not plate their food 'correctly'.

I also understand that this meal is also plated this way in other parts of the country, but it still seems to be a rather rare thing.

Ah, this is comfort food.

As a special treat, I bought strawberries and cut them before adding 1/2 cup sugar to the berries. The bowl went back into the refrigerator so that the strawberries could macerate.
Meanwhile, I made another Honey and Vanilla Pound Cake to go with the strawberries and vanilla ice cream.
I'm a happy blogger tonight. This might even be enough to help me forget that it got down to -11 degrees last night.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

I think the dish needs some breadcrumbs sprinkled on top to really make it POP.

Sara said...

Looks great - I made pot roast last night, and I'm contemplating what to do with the leftovers. Right now I'm thinking about shredding up some of the meat and making quesadillas.