Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Snow Plow Cometh

Snow plow scene: take 2. This morning the intrepid snow plow driver once again attempted to clear our street and cul de sac. This might be a tad easier in the daytime.

It's still a bit difficult to maneuver the snow around the curve.

At least he didn't get stuck this time.

And see that? Just in time for my husband to leave for work.
It only took the snow plow half an hour to completely clear this short section of road.
All right, enough about that silly snow.

Do you remember seeing this picture of my terrestrial orchid a few weeks ago?

The little beauty is now fully blooming. This is Ludisia Discolor, which is also called the Black Jewel Orchid. This terrestrial orchid is native to Malaysia, Indonesia and Burma. However, this particular plant seems to be quite happy living in my breakfast room.

That is one of the nice things about orchids; they like to bloom during the gloomy winter days.