Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Long-Awaited Day Arrives

I have been waiting for this day for quite some time. And while the wait has technically only been two months; in reality, it has been much longer. Say, like 26 years, or so.

But what are we waiting for? Any way, it is a pretty day outside.

Okay, here's a hint: I hate this bed. I hate the mattress, I hate the fake-wood headboard with the flower sticker and and I hate the fact that it is a queen-size bed and that my husband and I frequently try to claim the same piece of bed real estate at the same time.
Wait - where is my mattress going? And why is my daughter happily absconding with the thing? She wisely decided to ignore the headboard, though.

Well, this certainly looks different.

And if you guessed that I am finally getting a new bed, then you are the smartest thing on the block.

It is at about this point that my husband and I sincerely hope that the promised bed does indeed arrive today. Otherwise, we are going to have a problem tonight.

Ta-da! Here is the new mahogany king-size four-poster bed and nightstand (to the right of the picture). The antique oak library table switched to the other side of the bed and will remain.

The only problem was the lack of two connectors for the foot board posts. The posts are sitting on the foot board for the photo, but will be set aside until the missing double-ended screws are found.

I wonder if we should have bought steps for the bed? It is awfully tall, after all...


Hairball said...

Beautiful bed! Wishing you many restful nights.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Nice bed. Sweet dreams.