Monday, November 3, 2008

They're Ba-aack

It's the annual invasion of the Asian Lady Beetle, folks! These imported ladybugs seek out shelter from the coming winter and inevitably find their way into our house. Then, for the rest of the fall and winter, I have to go around, picking up dead beetles. What fun!

Click on the picture to see the many bugs that have already made themselves at home.

Unlike our native ladybugs, the Asian Lady Beetles come in various shades of orange/brown/red. Asian Lady Beetles can be told apart by the "M" on the top of the head. Unfortunately, these little critters are pushing out the more laid-back native ladybugs. These bugs also will bite if threatened and release an odor if crushed.
After dealing with these guys for the past several years, I just tend to ignore them until they get in my way. I then pick them up and toss them outside. Sometimes it is just best to pick one's battles.

All right, enough about the pests. Let's get to the plants.

Oh look, another Christmas cactus is blooming. Bringing these plants inside really messes with their little plant 'brains'.

Again, you will need to click on the picture to truly get a sense of what is going on here.
The bright red dogwood berries never make it past this time of year and this is why.

Fothergilla gardenii foliage.

The fothergilla gardenii and the dogwoods put on a delightful display.

Fallen leaves from the Canada Red Chokeberry in a carpet of vinca minor.

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

What type of birds are descending on your dogwood?

I have the same situation with cedar waxwings on my hollywood junipers.

Also, the blackbirds are flocking mightily these days. I noticed all my mulch tossed out on the sidewalk and the driveway. I believe the blackbirds did it.