Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Beautiful Autumn Day

What a glorious day! Knowing that the weather promised to be wonderful, I made plans to go to a state park after voting today.

I love playing with camera angles.

After doing my patriotic duty and voting, I headed out to the other side of the county. My destination was McCormick's Creek State Park.

My first stop was the Canyon Inn. This charming hotel started out as Denkewalter sanitarium, a tranquil place for wealthy people to rest and recharge.

Now, back to the reason I came here.

Hmm, after seeing this guy on the railing, I was a bit hesitant to use the railing. But, it is 127 steps down to the canyon. That is the equivalent of a nine story building. Going down is not the problem, though. Going back up? Yeah, that's a problem.

Looking down on McCormick's Creek Falls.

It has been a dry summer and fall. Who would have guessed, after all that rain we got in the spring and early June?

Looking down stream.

I am either very brave, or very foolish. This is my path to the falls. Of course I braved the treacherous stepping stones across the water. I had to get close to the falls, after all.

See, I made it safely. And you were worried...

As a contrast, this picture was taken 8 or so years ago. I really must visit these falls sometime after a heavy rain.
And now, your bonus video. Enjoy!


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Thank you for that delicious waterfall.

Marilyn said...

You're welcome, dear.