Friday, October 26, 2007

The Colors of Fall

I took my camera out for a little drive today. The trees have just been spectacular this year and I wanted to capture a bit of the magic while I still could. Enjoy the ride.

Sassafrass trees are in abundance around here. There can be up to four differently shaped leaves on each tree. Some leaves are ovals while others have three lobes. Still others look like left-handed mittens while others look like right-handed mittens.

I had to edit out a car that parked in my way just as I was taking this picture. How rude!

Oh, did I mention that it was raining the entire time I was taking these pictures? Aren't you just so very proud of me? Well, you shouldn't be. It occurred to me later that I messed up royally. I went down to a very remote area without letting anyone know where I was going. If something had happened to me, no one would have even had a clue about where to begin looking for me. Yes, I am naive in these things. No, don't do what I did. Always make sure someone knows where you will be.

Looking across an inlet of the lake. Rain has been scarce this year and the lake is down a few feet. Often blue heron can be seen in this swampy area.

This poor man has been hanging from the hayloft opening for years. Won't somebody get a ladder or call 911?

Storm clouds on a fall afternoon

The woods behind our house

The old barn behind our property. Turkey vultures live there. Obviously this was not taken recently!

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

I am jealous of your back yard.