Friday, October 26, 2007

Our Honored Visitors

The first bluejay of the season

I felt sorry for our fine feathered friends this year and opened the All-You-Can-Eat-Bird-Buffet early. The cardinals started visiting my deck, signalling their desire for additional sustenance. Clearly they appreciate it, even if they lack the manners to properly thank me.

A male cardinal visits. Cardinals always travel in pairs. Aren't they cavalier?

Last winter I participated in the Great American Backyard Bird Count. It not only helped an environmental group, it helped to educate me. I learned to truly watch and observe. I also learned to appreciate the variety of wildlife that surrounds me. I urge you to join in the effort this coming season. It takes very little time and brings so much personal satisfaction.

Having grown up amongst the corn fields of West Central Ohio, I am still amazed by the numerous species that surround us. Every day is a new miracle.

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