Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How to Portray a Pincushion with Amazing Results!

I spent this morning at an allergist's office, being poked and prodded and questioned. My dear cat, Midnight, has turned out to be a major allergen for me, as well as those pesky molds and dust mites. As getting rid of my cat is not an option, other changes must be implemented: an air purifier with HEPA filter was purchased for my bedroom, and the mattress and pillows must be covered with dust mite-proof covers. Plants must also be relocated from my bedroom as I also refuse to give up my 50 or so houseplants.

The fact that I am allergic to the pollen of several trees, grasses (including corn!), and weeds came as no surprise. I did feel rather vindicated when it turned out that I am very allergic to Black Walnut tree pollen. I knew that - no, I really did. The week or so in the spring time when they bloom is a particularly miserable time for me.

They've got my number!

However, we did find that I am allergic to one food: chicken. Chicken. As in no one is allergic to chicken. Did I mention that I love chicken? And do you know that the first food I HAD to eat after leaving the allergist's office was chicken? And... Rats! They're right. About 20 minutes after I started eating the chicken, I began having difficulty breathing. How rotten is that? Okay, so now I know, and yes, I did have to learn that the hard way.

Chicken - see the chicken? I love chicken.

I also learned that I have been washing my hands entirely too often. But I am only allowed to wash them three times a day? Handwashing is bad for eczema, it seems. How can I get through a day with only three handwashings a day? All right, I admit to being *cough* somewhat obsessive-compulsive about hand washing. After all, I have no desire to spread germs or to poison my family when I cook for them. And I REALLY hate that icky-dirty-sticky-hand feeling. Now I have to learn to not wash my hands every time I turn around.

Then I got to experience even more needles! I have to have a flu shot every year and a pneumonia shot every five years. They warned me that the flu shot would make my arm hurt, but I don't remember them warning me that the area where I had the pneumonia shot would swell up and itch.

The upside to my day? It's my youngest child's birthday today. Despite her assurance that she wouldn't have time to eat lunch out with her mom today, she was able to find the time to stop in briefly at our favorite Chinese Restaurant and get a (for her) free lunch.

The pouty birthday girl. Happy 19th!

What a day! Now I remember why I have put off doing this allergy testing for so many years. And don't even get me started on the cost of all this. We'll just have to look for the good in all this. I'm pretty sure it's in here somewhere.... hello? Hello?

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