Sunday, October 14, 2007

Meet the Family – Midnight

Midnight is in a playful (be careful!) mood.

Stepping out of the kitchen for a moment, I’d like to introduce you to a very important part of the family. Midnight is our cat, or we are his people; whichever way it works. As his name suggests, he is a black cat who happens to be part Siamese. How do I know? The frequent yowling and vocal habits are the first clues. Then there is his build: the classic, delicate bone structure and a finely chiseled profile. Lastly, his mannerisms are definitely Siamese-like: he has one human to which he has closely bonded – me (what can I say, he has excellent tastes); he is incredibly intelligent and needs a lot of attention (read high maintenance); despite being 11 and ½ years old, he is very active and regularly climbs to the top of door jambs and tears through the house like a crazed being; and although we have tried for years to break him of the habit, he absolutely must be on the dinner table sitting next to me when we eat. It took some research on the internet to understand that this last bit is a definitive trait of Siamese cats: they have a very real need to be up on the table at dinner time and indeed feel it is their right to be there. We have come to accept his quirks and needs, though I will have to admit that I am less than amused when I suddenly find that I have a cat paw in my mouth when I am trying to eat my food.

Midnight is ready for dinner to be served

As anyone who has ever had a pet can attest, they are both a joy and a source of frustration. It is very important to remember - and oh so easy to forget - that they are animals and not miniature humans. As such, messes and accidents are apt to happen and must be accepted if one wishes to have such companionship in their lives. Whenever my husband complains about certain feline mishaps, I simply remind him that over the years I have put up with much from both him and my children. And as I am the one who usually has to clean up afterwards, I am willing to accept the inconvenience associated with our mighty hunter.

Have I mentioned that Midnight hates other cats? Here he is "interacting" with our neighbor's cat, who is very friendly.

So now you have been introduced to an important part of my life. Perhaps later, with their permission, you will get the chance to meet other important beings in my life. Until then, in the words of my all-time favorite chef: Bon Appetit.

Midnight missed me while I was at a meeting earlier. Unfortunately, black cats are not terribly photogenic. You will have to trust me on this: he is gorgeous.

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