Monday, May 19, 2008

Grocery Hi-Jinx

I had the mis-fortune to shop at our local Hydrogenated, Corper-anated, Discombobulated WalMart this week. Now, you must understand this: I consider any unfortunate visit to Wally World, where I don't physically attack the mindless idiots surrounding me to be a rather unfortunate success, and at best a somewhat dubious adventure.

Er, anyway, this past week I had to go to WallyWorld and ended up buying both non-food and food items. And I have to admit that I ended up with a very friendly and talkative cashier. And then I went home and began unpacking.

I was almost laughing when I began to unwrap my purchaces. And then, finally, in utter disbelief, I began to count the plastic bags. 1 - 2 - 3 ----25! And then I checked my receipt. 45 items and - 25 bags.

Now I do recall the snickers that threatened to erupt when the diligent, if not compulsive, cashier bravely separated the packaged ground beef from the packaged ground pork (that was immediately, intimately acquaintanted with each other when I arrived home and made them into a meatloaf.

Now, fast forward this to another grocery store. Unfortunately, it seems that they will not be stocking morel mushrooms this year as no one (but me?!) bought them last year. As these rare mushrooms cost $39.99 a pound last year, and are expected to cost $49.99 a pound this year, I guess I should understand. But, hey! I have a blog and have a responsibility to my readers! And, eating a wonderfully cooked morel is a marvelous experience. Hmmph. Well, I will keep you posted on my successes (or not) on obtaining such mid-west delicacies. Oh yeah. I'm ticked, I'm ticked.

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