Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blogging from the Deck

In what has become a yearly tradition, except for when it rains, my husband and I are sitting out on our back deck, while listening to the radio coverage of the Indianapolis 500. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of living in beautiful Southern Indiana is that we cannot watch the Indy 500 live. And then, when it is broadcast on television, we will be watching the NASCAR Coke 600 instead.

Anyway, back to the present. It is a very nice day. After spending an hour out working in the garden this morning, I readied the deck for our afternoon. I opened the umbrella, brought out the chair cushions, the radio and the cat on his leash. Then, I brought out my laptop computer.

Back into the house to make my lunch and to make the veggie pizza while my husband made his famous cheese ball. Yesterday we made whisky sours, so we were ready.

And while sitting here enjoying this fine day and listening to the race, I decided I needed to take some more pictures. Ooh, and hey! I am online - even out here - so I can blog! Woo hoo! Life is good!

The other day, I had my daughter snap this picture of the new entrance to the Bloomington Tibetan Cultural Center.

The new entrance and these Tibetan style tents were erected just before his Holiness visited last year. The Dalai Lama's brother and his family live here in Bloomington.

Another bearded iris in my garden. I had yet another one blooming today and was going to take a picture of it for you, but then my husband happened. Grr. So I will have to wait for another one to bloom before I can photograph it.

My verbena are blooming off the back deck. As these hanging pots are in full sun, all day, I am constantly searching for plants that can handle these severe conditions.

After several disappointing experiences with heliotropes, I am pleasantly surprised with this plant. It is paired in a pot with a purple leaf sweet potato vine.

Life on the back deck.

Midnight is relaxing in the shade.

Now, this is the life.

Happy Memorial Day and best wishes to all of our brave service people!


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Is that a columbine on your computer screen?

Marilyn said...

Ooh, good catch, Rosie! It certainly is. I like to use my pictures as my desktop backgrounds. I could have a different picture on my laptop every day for several years.