Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tailgating Big 10 Style
This Saturday was the big Indiana University - Ohio State football game and my dear family happily dragged me along for the day as they had an extra ticket that they insisted had my name on it.
Oh the things we do for the ones we love.
And for the chance to blog.

What started as a bright, beautiful fall day suddenly turned to a dreary, overcast day.
At any rate, the Foodie Daughter carefully drove through the crowds to get us here.

We arrived at our friends' tailgate tent.
They come down from Fort Wayne, Indiana for every IU home football game.
They also set up this deluxe 10'x20' tent for each event.

The Foodie Daughter (on the right) and our 'other daughter' (her friend) hug their favorite tree upon arrival.

Appetizers are laid out on the tables.
We brought BBQ Bacon Krab Bites and Cheese ball and crackers.

We arrived just before 1 p.m.
The game is set to begin at 7 p.m.

The Buckeye fans have set up shop also.

Just in case you are wondering, I saw no animosity between fans of the two teams.
In fact, some of the people in our group were avid Ohio State fans.
Since we are originally from Ohio, we will forgive them.

Memorial Stadium.
The flags are at half-staff in honor of former IU president Myles Brand who recently died.

The cheerleaders tailgate.

The new north end zone facility of the stadium houses offices, meeting rooms and a large strength and conditioning center.

Motor homes occupy the north end parking lot.

The strength and conditioning center is now one of the largest in the nation.

The Big 10 Network is here to broadcast the game live.

As is this news truck from central Ohio.

And this one I've never heard of before.

This reporter has just finished interviewing this student.

The IU band practices before the game.

Across 17th street from our rather sedate tailgate area is the student tailgate section.
This area could be equated to the Wild West.

Finally, curiosity piqued, I convinced my husband to tag along with me and we skirted along the edges of the student tailgate area.
Nothing could induce me to actually wander into the midst of this mayhem.
I may be curious, but I'm not stupid.

Nope, can't pay me to go in there.

Some more Ohio State Buckeye fans.
Here is an inflatable Brutus.
At least we got to see the Foodie boyfriend and his brother as they worked traffic control for the game.

Traffic has come to a standstill.
Glad we got here when we did.

Tailgates range from the simple to the elaborate.
We even saw people who had brought their HDTVs and their Dish satellites to their tailgates.

This pair of pooches show off their IU pride.
Next up:
The game.

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