Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Road to (and from) French Lick
Sit back and enjoy the scenery as the Foodie Daughter and I traveled to and from French Lick this past Saturday for her belated birthday present.
Please credit the Foodie Daughter for all the photography as I was busy driving.
Just in case you are curious, French Lick is about 1-1/2 hours south* of Bloomington.
*More or less, as we sometimes found the car's compass to be indicating North, but we were driving in the hills of Southern Indiana after all.

The red trees are staghorn sumacs.

See, I told you there were hills.

The Foodie Daughter wanted to take a picture of this truck hauling a burial vault.
FYI, that is what the casket is placed in when a person is buried.

The sun was beginning to peak through the heavy cloud cover.

The gazebo in the town square in Orleans, Indiana.

A prosperous farm in Southern Indiana.

Heading back home past Bedford.
Another FYI for you: the limestone that faces the Empire State Building, the Pentagon and various other Washington, D.C. buildings comes from this area.

In Bedford an Amish family had set up a road side display to sell their wares.
In keeping with Amish dictates, I chose to show one of the pictures that did not have an Amish person in it.

There's more of that limestone.
One of the practical side effects of that ubiquitous limestone is that no one can have a well here.
Thus, we must rely on a reservoir for our water supply.
And now you know how Lake Monroe** came into being.
**We may even forgive their insistence on calling the lake by the "wrong" name. However, it does allow us locals to pick out the out-of-towners by what they call the lake.

This is the only time of year I really like the vibrant yellows.

There are more of those staghorn sumacs.

And from another angle.
Give a hand to the Foodie Daughter for her quick camera-work.

Almost home now.
The Foodie Daughter loved the juxtaposition of the colors in this scene.
We hope you enjoyed the ride.
We certainly did.

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