Sunday, October 11, 2009

Indiana University in the Autumn
This Sunday was a gorgeous fall day and for once the Foodie Daughter had a free day.
I felt the need to go for a walk and asked if she'd like to go out with me.
I had simply envisioned a stroll around the neighborhood.
However, the daughter had other ideas.
"Mom, why don't we go to campus? We can walk and you can take pictures."
Well, we certainly would be getting out of the house this way.
Why not?

Even on a Sunday afternoon, it took a bit of doing to find a parking place on campus.

We finally ended up parking behind the art museum.

This is an 'interesting' sculpture.

Many of the buildings on campus could be described as being Gothic in design.
Most are built of native limestone.

One of the many beautiful scenes on campus.

Let's not forget the reason we are here.

My tour guide, third year student Foodie Daughter, told me that John Mellencamp shot his latest music video here at Beck Chapel.
Rocker John Mellencamp still lives here just outside of Bloomington and sometimes shoots videos here.

The arbor leads to the chapel.

The Foodie Daughter also informed me that many weddings are performed here.

Click on the photo to see the detail in the stain glass window.

An old cemetery sits nearby.

The Jordan River, named for former IU president David Starr Jordan, flows through campus.

Mums bloom outside the IMU or the Indiana Memorial Union.
The IMU also houses Bloomington's largest hotel.

More mums
In this climate (5b - 6a) mums should be treated as annuals.
They may come back, but one shouldn't count on it.

A fountain plays in the small courtyard.

China and ewers on display in a cabinet in the lobby of the IMU.

The IMU is one of the largest student unions in the nation.

The Victorian architecture of this building caught my eye.
Maxwell Hall was built in 1890.

This corner turret almost looks like a lighthouse.

Click on the photo to see the detail in the building, including the gargoyle.

What is that smell!?
Is that a female ginkgo tree I smell?
In case you've never had the 'pleasure' of smelling the 'fruit' of a female ginkgo, let's just say that it smells strongly of fresh dog droppings.
Ginkgo trees are often called living fossils.
Modern nurseries are very careful to only sell male ginkgo trees.

Interesting views abound.

We liked the color of the ivy on the walls of this building.

The view through Sample Gates down Kirkwood Avenue.

Sample Gates lead the way to campus.

The story of the gates.

Looking up at an American Sycamore tree.

Bridge over the Jordan River.

My daughter tells me that this building is new.
She loves the beautiful slate roof.

Another colorful tree.

Sweet gum in fall color.

The campus home of the IU president.
What a sweet daughter I have!


Rosie Hawthorne said...

What a nice walk you had!

Wonder Schwermin said...

Many Happy memories. Thanks for posting these. Go IU!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Mar, I just had to come back and look at these lovely pictures.
I miss the change of seasons here.
Thanks for posting.