Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Colors of Fall

This autumn has been particularly colorful in Southern Indiana and I have been endeavoring to document its masterpiece.

Berries in a Burning Bush, or winged euonymus.

Another view of the Burning Bush.

A magnificent sugar maple.


One day last week I decided on a whim to take my lunch down by the lake.

But first I needed to procure my lunch.

Fortunately, a friend had told me about this little gas station in a little town nearby.

As it happens, this gas has a little restaurant business going and they make a mean breaded pork tenderloin.

What's not to like?
Just for reference, the bun is about six inches across.

And for a mere $5.08 with tax, this sandwich made a nice little lunch.

You just can't beat this ambiance.

It's just too bad that the Army Corp of Engineers decided to pick this day to have their parking lot sealed.

It proved to be a bit inconvenient as I had to park on the side of the road and then traipse across the grass to get to the dam overlook.

But you have to admit that the views overlooking Lake Monroe were worth the little bit of hassle.

I really was surprised to find that there weren't boats out on the lake.

I know that if I had a boat, I would have been out on the lake on a day like this.

I love the colors in the woods overlooking the lake.

And there's that sugar maple again.

Meanwhile, back home the dogwoods and the fothergilla are turning colors.


More fothergilla leaves.

Dogwood berries.

These won't last long as the birds will soon devour them.

Sunshine through the Canada Red Chokeberry.

Oh look, after its summer absence, 'my' barn is back.

I have to say that we are lucky to have such pretty views from our back deck.

Very lucky indeed.

Sweet gum in the neighborhood.

Farm in fall.

Autumn fields.
Thanks to the husband for taking this photo for me.

Please enjoy this short Sunday detour.

Bradford Pears in in fall color.

A bright punch of red along the roadside.

Shades of autumn.

Colorful trees all in a row.

Color, color everywhere.

See what I mean?

You can see why Bloomington loves its trees.

Just lovely.

Even against the buildings, these trees are gorgeous.

I still prefer the natural settings.

But that's just me.
Happy Autumn!

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

Beautimous tree colors.
That's what I miss living at the beach. We have no deciduous trees.
I got my fix this weekend.