Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Big 10 Game

After several hours, and much walking, the time for the big game neared.

The Ohio State football team has arrived.

The Foodie Daughter insisted that I take a picture of this truck that was loaded down with football gear. Presumably the driver and passenger were managers for the football team.

The team had their own police escort.

And 17th Street is still at a standstill.

It's time to go into the stadium.

*Gasp* Dear *Gasp* Can we *Gasp* take a break going up these ramps? *Gasp*

Well, at least there are some nice views way up here.

The stands are filling up.
The official count for the game was 51,500 in attendance.
The capacity for the stadium is not quite 53,000.
Notice that we are close to the 50 yard line.
Good seats. If you go for that sort of thing.
I will let you in on a little secret: the IU officials like to have aerial photographs taken during the IU - Ohio State game since both teams have red as a main color, making it look as if the stands are filled with rabid Hoosier fans.
And now you know.

The new North End Zone.

The south end of the field.

After several tries, I finally got a decent shot over my shoulder of the corporate boxes behind us.

Before the game the Marching 100 took the field.

I can't help it; I still think the symbol for IU looks like the devil's pitchfork.

Aw look, they can spell.

Um, I'm not sure what this is supposed to be.

And here are the teams!

The rallying cry for IU's football team is "Defend the Rock."
The late coach Terry Hoeppner started this tradition which has lived on after he lost his battle with a brain tumor.
Now, what I want to know is why does the rock need defending?
Is it fragile?
Is it in a 'family way'?
Is it a strategic rock?
Is it important to national security?

Down there in the midst of the band is the rock. I was unable to get a better picture as I happened to walk into the middle of a security matter. Lucky me.

Hoosier fans celebrate one of only two touchdowns during the entire game.
Considering Ohio State shut out their last two opponents, we should feel good about ourselves.
I guess.

Aw, aren't the little flag bearers cute?

Well, being no football fan, I gave up at half time and went back, via a circuitous route, to the tailgate tent.
On the way there, I found a hot dog cart and happily bought an overpriced cheesy beef hot dog before finally finding my way out of the stadium.
Apparently I managed to worry all involved when I didn't show up lickety-split at the tent, and didn't answer my cell phone (which I couldn't hear over the noise of the crowds).
Sheesh, you'd think my family would know me by now.
I am a Sagittarius, after all.

Oookay. I thought the younger generation were all about saving the environment.
Apparently not.
The good news is that IU has contracted with several church and other non-profit organizations to clean up after the games.
I have been assured that not only will all this be cleaned up by noon on Sunday, but that all recyclables be recycled.
Go environment!

Even this late there are still munchies to be had.
Sadly, IU lost, but it was still a fun day.

Since it was such a blow out (end score Ohio State 33 IU 14), many people started leaving at half time. However, many more stayed to the bitter end.

Assembly Hall, home to IU basketball, is lit up at night.

Finally, we say goodbye to the girl's tree.

I'm ready to say hello to my bed.

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Kathy said...

There is nothing in the world like being at the game in person, amid the screaming. Watching on TV just isn't the same. Although the TV has the magic yellow first down line that I just love.