Friday, September 4, 2009

Clean Up on Aisle Three

Once again I find that I have several items that seem to bear little resemblance to one another, and yet they each begged to be blogged. Well, who am I to disagree?

First up, a Pennsylvania Dutch favorite: marinated cucumber and onion salad.
The ingredients are
red onion
white vinegar
pinch salt
pinch black pepper

I peeled and thinly sliced the baby cucumbers for the salad.

Before slicing some red onion.

Then the vinegar, sugar, salt and black pepper were added until the desired taste profile was achieved. This is easy if you consider this to be a fresh pickle solution.

Next up are BBQ Bacon Krab Bites.

For those of you who have been following this blog, you may recall that I am allergic to chicken. This is not the only food allergy that I must deal with as my niece is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts and my daughter's best friend is allergic to turkey.

Now I must also deal with the Foodie Daughter's boyfriend's shrimp allergy. It is so severe that we have banned him from feeding the fish as the fish food has shrimp meal in it and he has reacted from handling fish food in the past. The odd thing is that one of his brothers is allergic to crab while another is allergic to lobster. I have told him that I will not feed him any shell fish, just to be on the safe side.

However, krab, or surimi should be safe for the Foodie Daughter's boyfriend.
Be sure to check the ingredient list as different brands often do add crab, shrimp and/or lobster to the mix.

I had an idea for an appetizer using a safe surimi, based on something I had found at a Chinese restaurant. However, I decided to serve the surimi cold rather than warm.

The initial ingredients are

fully cooked bacon
barbecue sauce
sweet and sour sauce

First I sliced the surimi chunks into one-inch sections.

Then I sliced the fully cooked bacon in half length-wise.

I then carefully wrapped each surimi section with a piece of bacon and secured with a toothpick.

After some mixing and tasting, I expanded the ingredient list for the barbecue sauce for the krab bites. I added some honey as well as some orange juice to the mix. This all of course, was done to taste. Is there any other way?

And what can I say? This was an immediate hit and there were no leftovers to be found.

Minx, Minx, Minx. You really are a little rascal, aren't you?

Minx, I'm pretty sure that the fish don't want to play with you.

Why is there a coaster on my glass of ice tea?

Perhaps this might answer the question?

Minx! Kitties don't drink ice tea!

Minx, you're not old enough to drink wine, you silly kitty.

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