Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Minx Mayhem
Minx likes to play. Minx also likes to explore.

Minx likes to bring his toys into the room so we will play with him. Here he is waiting patiently - for the moment at least.

Minx also likes to help. Here he wants to help me make a bow.

He is sure that he should be helping with the ribbon.

The cabinet probably needs to be investigated. Minx is just doing his job.

I was getting food out of the refrigerator for my lunch when I turned around to find Minx checking out the fridge.

"Is there kitty food in here?"

"I think I'll just climb in here and check this out."
Minx certainly is a busy kitty. And he keeps me on my toes too.

1 comment:

Hairball said...

Love that last pic of Minx in the refrigerator!