Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Labor Day Treat
My husband was home for Labor Day while the Foodie Daughter had to attend college classes. What better time to make krab salad with ingredients that the Foodie Daughter's boyfriend couldn't eat?

Do you recall my warning that not all imitation crab was created equal? Well, this particular product was made with shrimp, so the Foodie Daughter's boyfriend will not be able to eat it.
The ingredients I pulled for this salad are
the imitation crab
light sour cream
ranch dressing
fresh chopped chives
red onion

Here is a handy dandy tip for you if you aren't inclined to boil an egg or two for a dish. If you have a microwave egg poacher, you can instead poach an egg or two till they are hard-cooked. Just be sure to poke the egg yolk so that they don't explode in the microwave.

The eggs are cooked and allowed to cool.

Meanwhile, the imitation crab is put out on the chopping block so that it can be cut into a smaller dice.

There, that's better.

And now the fun begins.

Mix to taste. I have to say that I impress even myself. Have I told you that this is the first time I have ever made this dish? No? Well, now you know.

I think I could like this. I really think I could.

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