Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Continued Search for Color

Sigh, I woke up this morning to yet another cloudy, snow and iced-covered day. I ask you, where's the love?

Argh! If I don't start seeing some color outside, I'm going to go batty! Is this the true cause of cabin fever? Can I get a grant so I can study this?

Oops, poor Kelley has a college midterm test this morning and her car is absolutely coated in ice. Fortunately, her very nice dad offered her the use of his car (that gets to sit in the garage), while he took my car to work. Well, at least he has to fill my car up with gas now.

Hey, look! There's some color! It's a gold finch at the feeder.

And there's a male cardinal. Well, at least it's a little color in my life. I guess this will have to do until I can start seeing lots of green outside. I like green. Green is good.

Ah, look. These 5 gold finches (who are more green this time of year) must have heard my plea for some color. And to set off all that green we have a pair of house finches.

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