Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Taste of Bloomington

This is a busy weekend in B-town

what with the Bloomington Garden Walk,
and The Taste of Bloomington all happening.

In addition, this year the city is also hosting judges for

America in Bloom.

The judges are checking out the local scenery.

Fingers are crossed that we will win

for our size city in America.

Admission for the Taste of Bloomington is $6 per person,

with children under 12 getting in free (presumably with an adult).

So that is $12 for the Foodie Daughter and me.

Do you like the Rent-a-Fence?

Perhaps a couple of potted plants

would have spruced things up a bit?

Click on the photo to see the map

and list of participating restaurants, wineries and breweries.

It's not yet too busy at 3:30 pm.

At this hour The Pirate Flags were playing.

I had never heard of them before.
I have to say I kind of liked them.

And I do have a soft spot for
"International Talk Like a Pirate Day,"
which is celebrated every September 19.

the stage faced due west with no shade in sight.
I felt sorry for the band.

More food booths.

Ah, here's our chance to see whose cuisine is supreme...

Er, sorry about that.

Last year I visited Fatman's Barbecue and liked it.

The Foodie Daughter and I noted that Smokin'Jack's Rib Shack
was also here, so we could finally see which we liked better.

We bought a pulled barbecue pork sandwich and a potato salad
from Fatman's.

Mr. Fatman assured us that while it was his mother's recipe
for the potato salad, he had perfected it.

Next, we went down to the Smokin' Jack's/Kilroy's booth
and got a pulled pork sandwich there.

Our offering from Fatman's.
Total cost: $3.00.

Smokin' Jack's version.

Cost: $2.00.

The verdict?

We both agreed that Fatman's was more tender,

while Smokin' Jack's sauce was slightly better.


I know from experience that one gets extra sauce

on the side at Fatman's.

So more info is needed....

Smokin' Jack's has a smokin' hot smoker.

(ahem, guys, please ignore the cute girls in the forefront)


Smokin' Jack's is also owned by Kilroy's Sports Bar,

so they lose the indie vote.

Now, this gentleman standing is Fatman.

I can tell you that he is a character.


Drumroll please...

Fatman's BBQ wins the taste test!

Eternal fame is bestowed upon the winners.*

*Eternal fame is fleeting and exists solely

in the minds of the bestower

and the winners.

Sobon is a Korean restaurant in town.

I chose the grilled beef rib.

Delicious, but quite difficult to eat in this setting.

I was given a plastic fork (which was useless),

but ended up grabbing a rib bone with a napkin

and nibbled on the rib.

I might have to brave the university traffic

and try that place out sometime.

Cost: $3.00.


I have had a gyro (properly pronounced yiro) before

at the Trojan Horse,

but it has been at least ten years.

My favorite place to get a gyro, Macri's,

closed a couple of years ago

and I have been in mourning since.

Cost of a half gyro from the Trojan Horse: $4.00.

And this was my absolute favorite item at the Taste.

This offering came from One World Catering & Events

and was the Watermelon, feta and mint salad with

a prosciutto-wrapped honeydew melon on a toasted bruschetta

with aged balsamic vinegar.

I also appreciated the bamboo tray and spoon/fork.

Cost: $3.00.

We needed something cool to drink,

so I got two lemon shake ups from Scotty's Brewhouse.

Total cost $4.

The sugared-rim was a nice touch.

My last indulgence of the day was from

Talons Restaurant at Eagle Pointe.

Here we have mango salsa with tortilla chips.

Cost: $ 1.00.

I was surprised to find that the showers fountain wasn't running.

Baking in the hot sun.

Why look,

there are opportunities to learn everywhere!

The Waiter/Waitress Race**

**Awkward! Why not call it the Servers' Race?

After all, B-town is all about political-correctness.

Let's see if I can remember the rules:

the first server has to fill a pitcher from the bucket,

then fill the wine glass.

Then the server must carry the glass on a tray with one hand

on a winding obstacle coarse before returning to empty

the wine glass into a carafe.

Each member of the team must repeat until the carafe overflows.

In the final heat,

the team must then pop the cork on a champagne bottle

in order to win.

And they're off!

So far Scotty's Brewhouse is in the lead.

And they win!


I don't know what; we were hot and got bored

and wandered off before we could hear the details.

We do know that eight teams participated,

although we can't agree on just what restaurants were represented.

Ah, today's youth.

Where would they be without texting?

Back to the Taste.

It was nice.

But would I do it again?

It would depend on what the weather was like

and what restaurants are participating.

The Foodie Daughter has already begged off

any future Taste of Bloomington outings.

I can tell you that yesterday's outing

cost me $32.00,

and that was without buying any alcohol.

But still, it was an interesting time and I'm glad I went.

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