Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Study in Cloudology*

*What? That's not a word? Um, okay then.

Well then, while I was out grilling dinner for

Father's Day today,

I happened to notice this cloud.

For reference, we are looking to the southeast.

Given the rough weather we have experienced lately,

I have been keeping an eye to the sky.

Just don't ask where the other eye has been.

Some things are better left unsaid.

It wasn't all that hard to see that this particular cloud was busy morphing.

Mighty morphin' clouds!

Watch and learn.

It seems to be trying to become an anvil cloud.

What is that?
A cumulonimbus calvus cloud?

Heh, and why does that always remind me of
Calvin and Hobbes?

The funny thing is that it doesn't seem to be moving.

Well, we seemed to have reached stalemate.

The cloud has topped out.

Sadly I was busy so I was I unable to check the local radar.

Still it was an interesting sight.

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