Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Scottish Rite Night at the Irish Lion

Heh, I just love the irony.

The Valley of Indianapolis wants to promote

fellowship and to introduce the Rite to other Masons.

Thus, these dinners were born.

I have to say that it is nice to see those

who can't always travel up to Indianapolis to the Cathedral.

Looks like the city of Bloomington has decided

to throw a few obstacles in our path.

Hmph, and right before the judging committee

for America in Bloom is supposed to arrive.

We were set to dine in "The Glen,"

an empty space between two buildings

a couple of doors down from the Irish Lion.

Apparently, this space is only available for private dinners.

The honored guests are arriving.

Virginia Creeper covers the brick walls.

I did see at least two poison ivy plants,

and I hope that the owners take notice and get rid of those.

Poison ivy and good eats do not mix.

I heard that some of the early arrivals

immediately grabbed the seats under the tree.

That was smart,

as the temperature can feel up to 10 degrees cooler

under a tree due to the transpiration of water vapor

from the leaves into the atmosphere.

The old brick walls have seen better days.

Once again we were presented with choices.

This time we could pick New York Strip Steak,

Lamb Chops,

Chicken Cordon Bleu,

Fish and Chips,

Mutton Pie

(although at our table we agreed

that it was much too warm for that)

and Corned Beef and Cabbage.

But first I had to get a Guinness.

Wouldn't you?

The foam on top was almost dense enough to be a cream.

Our salads arrive.

Mixed greens, red onion, cucumbers, grape tomatoes

and white button mushrooms.

The dressing was slightly creamy

with a sprinkling of chopped parsley.

The dear husband ordered the New York Strip

with a baked potato.

He justified his dinner choice by saying that

many Irish immigrants settled in New York City.

Oh -kay.

Yeah, we'll go with that.

I ordered the fish and chips

as that seemed to be a bit more authentic.


I missed the Blarney Puffballs (tm Irish Lion).

Do you suppose they heard that both Rosie Hawthorne
and I improved upon the recipe?

The lights accentuate the walls.

Looking to the public opening to The Glen.

This was a nice evening and a great chance to reconnect

with our local fellow Scottish Rite members.


the weather was quickly moving in,

thus shortening our soiree.

Well, I guess we need the rain?
I'm not sure we needed the power outages
or downed trees, though.

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