Friday, June 4, 2010

An Adventure in Scottish Rite Dining

My dear husband has been nominated for the 33rd degree

in Freemasonry,

so we had to attend a dinner and meeting

at the Scottish Rite Cathedral last evening in Indianapolis

so we could learn the wherefores and the what-fores and why-fores.

But first, we had to get there.

You will just have to trust me when I tell you

that the camera actually saw things better than we could.

I know as I could see the difference

between the screen and the windshield as I recorded the event.

Visibility was not actually this good.

we arrived safely in time for dinner.

First up for the 33rd candidates informative dinner:

a salad of

Mixed Greens with Blue Cheese,

Macadamia Nuts, sautéed Apples and Grapes,

tossed with a poppy seed vinaigrette.

This was good,

but the cheese was either a very, very mild blue cheese

or was rather a feta cheese, as was my guess.

The entree was
Roast Tenderloin of Beef with Rosemary Demi-Glaze
and sautéed Lemon Scented Tilapia
with roasted potatoes and asparagus.
I learned that our dear Donna,
who works with the Scottish Rite,
specifically planned this menu around my chicken allergy.
I heart Donna!

And finally,
I present dessert.
Here we have Lemon Raspberry Cake with berries
and whipped cream.
The one thing all present agreed upon was that
we all needed more of that delightful cake.
We were told that Thomas' pastry chef
whipped up this treat.
I don't know him or her,
but I love him or her already.

I am not a dessert lover,
but I loved this dessert!
Ah, true love...
'tis a beautiful thing.

After dinner and the information meeting,
we headed home.
I guess Mother Nature decided to ask our forgiveness
for that earlier rainstorm?

And please feel to appreciate my efforts
to take pictures out my passenger side window
at 60 miles an hour in moderately heavy traffic.

Good night,
sleep tight.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Glad you made it safely. And dinner looked worth the trip.

dle said...

My Father was a 33rd degree Mason, I love hearing stories about all of your dinners and events. It brings back some nice memories!