Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lexington Revisited, Part I

Lynn's Paradise Cafe

Last year the Scottish Rite Council of Deliberation

for the State of Indiana

was held at the Griffin Gate Resort in Lexington, Kentucky.

We were lucky enough to return to the same resort this year.

Allow me to backtrack just a bit as

I take you along on our “lunch” stop.

As with last year,

I decided that we would stop at Lynn’s Paradise CafĂ©

in Louisville, Kentucky

(properly pronounced Louiville – quickly).

This is a fun and quirky place.

I want to know how they got those trees inside.

Even the ladies' bathroom is decked out.

Our table with its wonderfully tacky lamp.

It's hard to believe that anyone once thought

that this was lovely.

Having learned our lesson from last year,

we ordered what we hoped would be smaller portions this time.

My husband, after he finished playing with the toy animals,

ordered the French Toast.

The French Toast was

“made with our signature locally made cinnamon swirl bread

griddled in vanilla nutmeg batter”

and served with butter and maple syrup.

My husband loved this,

but once again,

found that the portion was enough to feed two hungry people.

He allowed me to have a couple of bites and I agreed on both accounts.

I opted to get Kenny’s Kentucky Scramble,

which was made with country white cheddar from Austin, KY,

scrambled with bacon and fresh diced tomatoes.

My dish also came with a side and a choice of bread,

so I chose cheese grits and English muffins.

The scrambled eggs were flavorful,

but a bit runnier than I care for mine to be.

I am one of those who like my eggs to be cooked all the way through,

scrambled eggs included.

A bit longer on the heat would have also helped the cheese to melt more.

Other than that, they were delicious.

I did not care for the cheese grits at all.

They were dry and seemed gritty rather than creamy.

My uneducated guess would be that the “cheese” used was Velveeta™,

which I personally think has no place in the culinary world,

but that's just me.

Unfortunately, the colorful Lynn was elusively absent once again.

But still, it was a lovely lunch.

My husband was saddened to learn

that the hat that he left on our visit last year was nowhere to be found.

A moment of silence if you will…

Next stop - Lexington, Kentucky.

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