Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Aisle Three Needs Clean-up - Again!

Every once in a hoo,

I find that I have odds and ends that just don't

fit neatly into a category.

That doesn't mean that they aren't interesting

odds and ends, though.

Minx likes to hide in our vanity drawers.

But he really doesn't like the camera flashes.

When we moved here twelve years ago,
our dear Midnight was closed in the master bathroom
of our old house while the movers packed our belongings.

We had posted a sign on the door,
warning everyone that the cat was inside.

At one point I went in and could not find the cat.

Finally, after much panicked searching,
I found him:
in a drawer that was exactly as wide and as tall as
a check box.

I know because those were what I used to segregate the drawers.
Midnight was a tiny cat, even at his healthiest.

This past weekend my husband's parents came down
to celebrate their oldest son's birthday.

We went to a national western steak house chain.
After being immediately seated,
we waited for almost ten minutes before our waitress
finally appeared.

We then waited another ten minutes for our drinks.

Look, Rosie! I got six lemon wedges with my ice tea.

Sadly, that was the highlight of our meal.

We ended up having to wait another hour
for our entrees to be served.

As the place was not all that busy when we arrived,
I really don't know what the problem was,
other than a severe shortage of help.

Bottom line,
I don't expect that we will be returning
to Long Horn Steak House*
any time soon.

*Not that I am naming names or anything.

~Whistles innocently~

This evening the sunset was spectacular -
all the way around.

Looking northeast.

Looking southeast.

A little bit later,

the view to the northeast.

And to the southwest.

Now we are looking directly to the west.

Goodnight sun.

This is looking to the west-northwest.

Goodnight, dear readers.

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