Monday, June 14, 2010

And the Rains Fell
This evening we experienced the fourth dangerous storm

in five days.

Okay, so flash is not the way to go here....

Ah, that's better.

And a river runs through it.

Our yard is host to a seasonal stream.

That means that the waterway only carries water

during an extreme weather event.

If we were to travel to the back of the yard,

we would find that there is actually a waterfall

by the road.*

*Hey, I ain't going out there when it's lightning!

What am I - stupid?

Thankfully, our Cleveland Select Pear trees are still young.

Eventually we can expect them to split

on the East-Northeast side.

It is just the nature of the beast.


The Foodie Daughter rushed home after her final

to tell me that I really needed to be outside - now.

A not-so-rare- double rainbow.

Hint: every time you see a rainbow,

there is an inverse image of the main rainbow.



Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

There's the other end of the rainbow.
But speaking as one who has actually driven
through the end of the rainbow,
I can tell you to not expect a pot of gold.
It just ain't there.

The storms pass.

Oh look.

we have not only a rainbow

but also anticrepuscular rays.

Wow, twice in a couple of weeks.

And here we have the answering rays from the setting sun.


we have been warned that more storms are headed our way

later this week.

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