Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And the Rains Came

The rains did indeed come as promised. The first storm arrived yesterday evening with frequent lightning flashes, high winds, driving rain and pea-sized hail.

More rain was on the way today, so the workers will be back on Thursday.
Guess that's my cue to go run some errands. I decided that today was the right time to try out the new Barbecue joint in town. I had heard great things about this place and I have been wanting to go there.
Fatman's BBQ etc. is in a strip mall on the west side of town. When I got there just after noon, the line was out the door. Looks promising.

I try to pick up a take-out menu when I visit a new restaurant.

A sign on the counter advertised the "Fatman 5" special for lunch. That's a sandwich (pulled chicken or pulled pork) with choice of sweet or hot barbecue sauce, a side (BBQ beans, cole slaw, potato salad, southwest salad or chips) and a 20-oz. drink for $5.

Let's do that, shall we? Of course I went with the pulled pork and I chose the sweet sauce to go with that. I also opted to get the cole slaw, even though I find it difficult to find a cole slaw at restaurants that I like.

After ordering my food and getting my drink, I sat down and waited for the food to be brought out to me. This place is little more than a hole in the wall with just a few tables, but I have found that these are often the best places.

And here it is. I can't tell you how good this place smells.
And the food? Oh my.
The pork was tender and flavorful even without the sauce. The sauce had a kick to it, but with the edge knocked off by the bit of sweetness.
And the cole slaw was perfect. Despite being described on the menu as "creamy cole slaw", it was not weighed down with mayonnaise. Now, I don't mind a bit of mayonnaise, but I don't like my food to swim in the stuff. The cole slaw also had just the right touch of sweetness to it, countering the vinegar in the dressing.
I thoroughly enjoyed my simple lunch and even finished off the remaining barbecue sauce after the sandwich was gone. It was that good.
Fatman's, this is seriously good barbecue!
I will definitely be returning to this restaurant.

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

I don't think you can go wrong at a BBQ place called Fatman's.

And a hole in the wall place
is my kind of place.