Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Special Request

Special reader, Rosie Hawthorne, of Kitchens Are Monkey Business blog fame, liked the first picture in my last post, but suggested that I crop the picture further in order to enhance the effect. Is this what you had in mind, Rosie?

Great Spangled Fritillary on Gaillardia mexicana.

Ah, so this is what Rosie had in mind.

Credit Rosie Hawthorne with photo cropping credits.


Kathy said...

I like the top pic best.

Amy said...

cropped or uncropped....awesome picture!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

I just showed the two pictures to Mr. Hawthorne and he liked yours too, Mar.
(And he didn't know the cropped one was mine, although I told him it was a cropped version of the original.)

He then said there were two subject matters:

Yours was a scene with a butterfly in it.

The cropped version was a butterfly with a scene.

I agree with Amy. Awesome photograph!