Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Dawn of a New Deck
As promised, Monday morning arrived - as did the construction crew. This should be exciting.

In order to protect our neighbor's property, the backhoe traveled up and down the hill to the road behind our property. They were careful to keep clear of the neighbor's fencing, but also had to avoid running over our septic field.

The crew wasted no time in preparing the site. One of the workers was very happy to learn that I was giving away two of the burning bushes (winged Euonymous) that were growing in this area.
At one point I heard them talking about the fact that there was no topsoil in this area. Doesn't surprise me as nothing but weeds and volunteers would grow there. Bye bye weed patch.

By mid-morning, the area was prepped and the construction could begin.

After lunch, the materials arrived. Once again, the dead-end road behind the property was put to use.

They are moving quickly.

The end of day one has arrived.

The next day, the workers jump right in and finished the first part of the framing. Then they began working on the second half. The finished deck will be about 18' X 24'. Add that to the existing deck that is 12' X 24', and we will have quite the space for relaxing and entertaining.

This day went by quickly. Let's go out and see what they have accomplished.

The new, lower deck is taking shape. There will be stairs from the new deck down to the yard and those will run along the old deck.

Looking from the side of the garage. There also will be stairs from the landing next to the corner of the garage.

The back of the deck. In case you haven't figured it out yet, the rear of the house faces south, so this is a sunny spot.

Soon that honeysuckle and Virginia creeper (both volunteers) along the old deck will be history.

I can already picture myself relaxing out here on the new deck.
Unfortunately, thunderstorms are bearing down on us and more are in the forecast for tomorrow, so work may be interrupted for a day or so. Guess I'll just have to go out and run my errands (and shop for deck accessories...).

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