Monday, June 1, 2009

Swimming with the Fish

Soon after our dear Midnight passed away, the Foodie daughter asked - once again - if she could have an aquarium. Now, given the fact that our Middy was an industrious and single-minded cat, an aquarium filled with little swimming bits of goodness was a very bad idea. The dear kitty would never have rested until he had gotten his teeth on those small tidbits.

However, we were now a Middy-less home and I relented. Of course, I added the caveat that the daughter had to pay for the aquarium, fish, etc. and take care of the thing. (Silly mom! What was I thinking?!)

In early April the daughter and I went out and got her 20 gallon aquarium kit. She decided on a Pirates of the Caribbean theme for the aquarium.
We followed the instructions as closely as possible and allowed the aquarium time to "cycle". I still don't know what that means.

Fast forward six weeks (and six dead Glofish(tm) later). We are kinda, sorta getting the hang of this thing. In that time I have realized that
1) we are actually taking care of the aquarium, not the fish,
2) it is very easy to kill small fish
and 3) I am much more involved in this process than I ever meant to be.

Minx likes to watch the fish. Happily, he isn't too keen on getting to the little snacks.
This past week the daughter brought home three "Mickey Mouse" fish (or Platyfish). These fish are very peaceful (read: shy) and spend most of their time trying to blend into the background.
Then this past Sunday I got an unexpected duty. My dear daughter informed me that while she was out with friends I was to babysit my first great-grandchild - otherwise known as a baby fish, or fry.

Ah, isn't he/she cute?
Unfortunately, the fry have to be separated from the other fish as the fry are apparently considered to be quite the tasty snack by their parents.

Now, that is a face that only a mother could love!

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

I can totally understand how and why some parents can eat their young.