Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend on the Deck

Since our wonderful construction crew lost a day last week to the weather, they asked if they could come work on our deck on Saturday. Sure, why not?

Koontz Construction, LLC is terrific, I tell ya! Josh, I would gladly recommend you and your crew to anyone and I would definitely hire you again. And you're not even finished yet!

All of the new decking is in place, if not yet screwed in. But this is definitely an improvement over what we had.

Whoot! I can now get down to my garden. I have already used these stairs to haul a hose up so that I could water the pots up on the deck. Wonderful! Why haven't these stairs been here all along?

Today, through circumstances beyond my control *cough*, I was relegated to the deck by my loving family. I guess they weren't up to dealing with mom-moods on this beautiful day.

Well, if I was to be "stuck" out here, I might as well make myself at home. So, I put up the umbrella so I would have shade throughout the day, set up the fan for a nice, steady breeze, got some reading material and whiskey sours (courtesy of the daughter) and tuned the radio to a local station that carries MRN so I could listen to the NASCAR race at Pocono.

Mmm, that's better... Family? What family?

Oh, and while we are out here, look at the new door to the garage. The poor guys had quite the time putting this in, as they found that the rough opening was one inch too short for the door. Perhaps this is why the old door frame was in such horrible shape? Our guess is that the builder cut the door down to fit the opening rather than fix the opening. Sadly, we're not surprised. We always said that we bought a three-year-old fixer-upper eleven years ago.

The step between the levels is now in.

Psst: do you see poor Minx looking out the laundry room door? The dear wants to be out on the deck with us but he refuses to wear his harness and leash, so he can't come outside. It's a dilemma.

Oh well. Minx didn't let it bother him too much. He is a laid-back kitty, after all.

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

If I were you, I'd just stay out on the deck swing and keep the whiskey sours coming.