Friday, June 5, 2009

The Deck Chronicles, Continued

Our diligent construction crew has been hard at work after the rains moved through.

By Thursday evening they had the new deck flooring installed. This is a composite decking that should last for many, many years. I like it already.

The stairs down off the side of the garage are taking shape. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to climbing down from my ivory tower.

First thing Friday morning found the crew tearing apart the railing on the old deck.

Whoot! I can now move between the two decks. A step will connect the two levels.

This is a family affair, as the grandfather (who also has a construction company) is helping out. The owner's brother is also working on the deck.

A bit of trivia for you: I used to wait on the grandfather occasionally when I was a teller at a local bank. And I can tell you that this man is an absolute sweetheart. He was always one of those customers you looked forward to greeting. He always had a smile on his face and left you with one of your own when he walked out the door.

Here, the stairs down from the other side of the new deck are getting put in.

Now it's getting dangerous. Watch out for that first step off the deck - it's a doozy.

We've been busy shuttling furniture and potted plants around so the crew can work.

They have gotten a lot accomplished today. Since they lost a day to the weather, the hard-working crew will be back tomorrow morning. They anticipate being finished by Wednesday, rain notwithstanding.

They did give me the standard legal disclaimer before they left for the day: "We've removed the railing. Please be careful and don't fall (or push each other!) over the side before we can replace the railing."

Just because we are a full story above the ground here? Well, I guess that would hurt.

Here you can see where they left off for the day. Have I mentioned that I am loving this new deck already?

This was one of my many projects for the day. We have wild grapes growing up the side of the deck, so I pulled some vines off and used an old round tub to form a wreath. Why? Just because I can...

And now I would like to wish my dear husband a very Happy Birthday!

Do you like your birthday present so far? Just wait until it is finished.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. P!

And Mar, I believe you have the exact same decking as I.

I think it's the same color too.

And I too used to be a teller at a local bank, as opposed to a bank on the moon. ;)

Marilyn said...

Yes, Rosie. I should have said that I worked at a locally-owned bank. The commute to the one on the moon was a killer!