Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ta Da! Meet the New Deck
The construction crew from Koontz Construction has been hard at work the past two days. Come take a look.

Most of Monday was spent in setting the posts for the railing, fixing some siding on the house and replacing missing shingles on the roof, as we had also hired them for those jobs.

It doesn't look as if they accomplished much on the deck by the end of Monday, but we are very glad to have the other jobs finished, so it was worth the delay on the deck.

It's taking shape. And by the way, they discovered that the only thing holding the light fixture (which has never worked) is the wiring. Not good.

Oh my, this part of the job seems to go rather quickly. It's still early Tuesday morning at this point.

They are really moving now.

After consulting with us, they got lattice to cover the bottom of the deck framing.

And it's all finished except for the electrical work. The truth is that Josh had forgotten about that until I reminded him this afternoon when I returned home. The electrician will come by Thursday morning and replace the light fixture that is by the back door to the garage and add three outlets for the new deck. One will be on the wall of the garage while the other two will be out along the sides of the deck. I really didn't want to be limited by what we could put where and I certainly don't want extension cords running across the deck.

Now comes the fun part - decorating!

Things are kinda, sorta in their places. We will see how things work.

See that bare corner of the deck? I have my eye on a nice dining set, but I am waiting for my dear husband to okay the purchase.

This is nice. I hated being crowded on the old deck. This will be much nicer.

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