Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cute Critters
You just never know who (or what) is likely to pop up when you live in the country.
Case in point...

I have a container that catches the overflow water from the "outside" faucet (that is actually in the garage). Call me silly, but I can't see letting all that water just go down the drain. I then scoop water out of the container and use that to water the outside potted plants. Just doing my part to help save the planet.
Back to the matter at hand. On Monday evening I needed to water some of the plants that have been temporarily relocated as the new deck is being built. I moved the watering can and found this little guy. Isn't he cute?
But what is he? I'm guessing a salamander, but beyond that, I just don't know.
Fortunately, as a Master Gardener, I do know who to ask. I emailed my uber-friendly county Extension Agent with this picture. As luck would have it, she was getting ready to meet with a gentleman who has written a book on salamanders. How fortuitous is that?
And the verdict? Drum roll, please....
This visitor is a cave salamander. This little critter is endangered in our area.
I let him be and hope that he finds safe haven near by.
And now on to critter number two.

The Foodie daughter was getting ready to head off to class and a mid-term test this afternoon when she stopped to play with Minx. Poor, innocent Minx was lying on the rug inside the front door. After the daughter was finished with him, he was a Cat-in-a-Mat.

Poor, poor Minx. He's just looking at me while I'm taking pictures and wondering what he has done to deserve this.
It's okay, dear. Mommy will feed you now. And then I'll go blog about it...

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