Monday, May 11, 2009

Life on My Back Deck
I live for the time when I can escape to my back deck and leave all my worries behind me. And yes, that is a requirement. No worries allowed on my back deck. It's right there in the small print. What, you don't read these things before you sign them?

One of the benefits of growing veggies in pots on my south-facing deck is that I can plant them earlier. Already this tomato plant and the bell pepper are growing nicely.

This tomato is really happy. I am happy to report that the tomato plants already have flowers which mean tomatoes are in my culinary future. The basil plants also love this pot. In case you are wondering, marigold plants also grace each of these pots.

This pot holds another basil plant as well as an oregano plant and a flat leaf parsley plant. I sense good food coming from this pot.

Why yes, Virginia, you can grow lettuce in a pot. I have already harvested a few salads from this planting, via the cut-and-come-again-method. That means that I selectively cut individual leaves from the plants, allowing the individual plants to continue growing. Works for me, works for them...

Shhhh, don't say anything about this strange-looking rosemary plant. The poor thing had to endure my irregular watering habits all winter long. I do believe that it deserves a bigger pot for all of its suffering.

And finally we have my sage and bay tree in the far left pot, the four new Serrano chili plants in the middle pot and the common thyme and chive plants in the right-hand pot. The left-hand pot resided inside during the winter and just barely escaped with its life, while the thyme and chives have been going strong for several years now, even though the pot has been left out in the bitter winter weather each year. Guess that beats wondering if I'll remember to water it this week or not...

And now, won't you welcome our newest visitor to our deck? This gorgeous creature is a male Luna Moth. I know it is a male because of its 'enhanced' antenna. I'm not joking.

And this is why I spent so much time trying to figure out how to put this fountain together. There, I feel much better now.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Decks to give a nice jump start on the season, don't they.

And I like your fountain.

Now I have to go pee.

Hairball said...

I love that big pot of lettuce!

Anonymous said...

It looks a little dark outside when you took the first pictures. Was there an eclipse?