Friday, May 22, 2009

The Garden in May
Ah, the beauty of the garden. And the wonder of close-up photography that allows one to ignore all the weeds in the garden. Darn this sinus infection that is keeping me from being out in the garden and removing the offending weeds.
Er, anyway, let's just focus on the flowers now, shall we?

I planted this peony a couple of years ago and it has a beautiful bloom. Yes, peonies do start off slowly, but your patience will be rewarded. Peonies are also very long-lived perennials, and will likely still be around during your great-great-grand childrens' time.
Some day, some enterprising person is going to invent a peony that re-blooms throughout the year. And that person will become very wealthy. I'm just saying.

My Sarah Bernhardt peony.
I love peonies. Now, where are those re-blooming varieties?

When planting peonies, it is extremely important that the tuberous root only be planted at a depth of one inch. Any deeper and the plant may never bloom. If you have a peony that is not blooming, dig it up and replant it at the proper depth.

A bouquet of peonies.

And another arrangement. I wish you could smell these flowers.

One of my columbines is blooming. This one has a double bloom. Each flower is only about one inch across.

Look what we have here. This tree is a native Tulip Poplar. My husband will be moving this tree in a few days to a good location in the yard. These trees grow to a great height very quickly, so it simply cannot stay where it is.
Now if I could just get to feeling better so that I can get out and pull those weeds!

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

Beautiful peonies.
I've never had any luck with them.