Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life with Minx

We are all still settling in here with the new cat and he constantly amuses and amazes us with his particular personality quirks.

I still can't but help but miss my dear Midnight who was my constant companion and lap-warmer, but Minx certainly is a joy in his own way. The foodie daughter likes the fact that Minx is not a one-person cat like Midnight was, even if the new cat and the boyfriend regularly face off over the daughter.

We have learned that Minx is highly inquisitive and is more than willing to boldly go where no kitty has gone before. The cat is even willing to explore bath tubs and shower stalls.

We have also discovered that Minx loves anything with feathers on it.

Minx also likes to watch the fish in the aquarium. He doesn't even mind when we kill the fish in the aquarium. Um, it's a learning curve?

Minx at play in his kitty cubicles.

No, Minx! You're supposed to go through the fabric tunnel, not around it!

"Why are you always flashing that thing in my face?"

Minx has found another feather toy.

Minx loves to sleep with his "daddy".

Heck, Minx just likes to be with his "daddy". Period.

Now, whenever we open the freezer door, Minx comes running. He is expecting us to drop an ice cube for him.

Minx loves to play with the ice cubes. They slide so nicely across the wood floors.

Nice Minx.


The Foodie Daughter just sent this picture to me...

Who says cats don't like baths? Well okay, as long as the bath tub is dry...