Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Special Dinner at the Scottish Rite

My husband is an out-going officer at the Indianapolis Valley of the Scottish Rite and we were invited to the Officer's Reception this weekend. Over the years we have made many friends and have a lot of good memories there.

After the New Officer Installation, dinner was served in the famous ball room of this gorgeous building. Bob Hope was so impressed that he once declared the ball room to be the best he had ever seen.

And can I tell you? Thomas Caterers of Distinction never fails to deliver. The food is always excellent and as my dear husband noted in his speech, they have been wonderful in working around my chicken allergy. Their wait-staff has been well trained to correctly serve and clear place settings, resulting in an enjoyable dinner.

The first course was a Strawberry Salad of Field Greens with a Sweet Balsamic Vinaigrette garnished with fresh Strawberries and Macadamia Nuts.

Simply divine. The ingredients were fresh and thoughtfully presented.

And for the entree we enjoyed a Drunken Flat Iron Steak on a bed of Sweet and Purple Potato Hash with crusty Ciabatta, Sugar Snap Peas and Thomas' Homemade Rolls with Butter.

What can I say? The steak was tender and flavorful and I really wish I had the recipe for the Sweet and Purple Potato Hash. It was that good. The Ciabatta was garlicky and tender. The Sugar Snap Peas were cooked just until tender-crisp. All in all, just right.

Finally we were presented with a Chocolate Cobbler with Premium Vanilla Ice Cream.

As I have come to expect from Thomas Caterers, the dessert was tasty, delightful and decadent. Oh my.

I enjoyed the speeches and was impressed to hear (again) that this is the largest Scottish Rite Valley in the world and that this beautiful edifice is also the largest building in the world that is devoted strictly to Scottish Rite Free Masonry.
I also have to admit that I had forgotten that the out-going Thrice Potent Master's wife was presented with a dozen red roses. For me? How lovely.

Aren't they just beautiful? Of course, the cattlaya orchid corsage was also very pretty.

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

That looks lovely. Happy Mother's Day and that Thrice Potent Master stuff still cracks my shit up.