Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Foodie Girls Plus One

We were fortunate to have our 14-year-old niece visit with us this weekend. The foodie daughter and I had plans to introduce the young niece to Chinese (or at least American-Chinese) food on her visit with us.

We went to the China House Buffet here in Bloomington, as this is a good starting point for anyone who has never had anything even remotely resembling Chinese cuisine before.
And by the way? If I invite you to lunch, I don't expect for you to pay your way. You are my guest and I am more than happy to pay for your meal. I finally convinced my dear niece to let it be when I told her that I did not expect my daughter to pay for her lunch, so why would I ask her to pay for hers?
I love that girl.

But first, a lesson in chopstick handling is in order.

Grasp the first chopstick thusly.

Then place the second chopstick just so.

If you have the correct hold of the chopsticks, you will be able to 'scissor' them and grasp food with them.

Like this. You can practice at home with snack foods or popcorn. You may even find that it is easier to grasp food with chopsticks while taking a bite out of the food. Try that with a fork and the entire piece of food will likely end up in your mouth. Very awkward.

The Foodie niece jumped in and tried several different dishes.

The foodie daughter loaded her plate with things that she knew she liked.

And I selected foods that I could eat without having to reach for my rescue inhaler (ie: no chicken).
It was fun to introduce someone to a new cuisine. And bonus! The food was pretty good. We all win! I just love it when a plan comes together.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

What's the little round thingie on the left side of Daughter's plate
and top of Niece's plate?

And that bit with the marble?
You're just showing off.

Marilyn said...

Sorry, dear. Just trying to demonstrate how to use chop sticks.

The niece and daughter got hot dogs in a blanket from the American buffet at the restaurant. This particular Chinese restaurant has a salad bar as well as pizza, twice baked potatoes and the "pigs in a blanket".

Kathy said...

We have one of those buffets here too. It is a dangerous place.