Sunday, March 29, 2009

South Wins State!
The local newspaper proclaimed the good news this morning. Yawn. Old news to us. Why, you ask? Because the Foodie Family was there to see it happen last evening. My son, daughter-in-law and daughter all went to Bloomington South High School. Last night the boys' basketball team capped off an amazing season by winning the state championship in their division. That's right: they were undefeated this season and were ranked number 2 in the nation going into the game yesterday.
But first, let us go back to the afternoon's activities.

The Scottish Rite Cathedral in Indianapolis often puts on plays. My husband needed to help play 'host', so our attendance was required yesterday. This time the play was one called Take a Number Darling. A couple of acquaintances starred in the play, as well as a couple of actresses who are new to this part of the country.

Mischief and mayhem are sure to follow...

Have I mentioned that I love this chandelier?
All right; the play is over and it's time to head down to Conseco Fieldhouse (home of the Indiana Pacers) to watch the home team play for the state championship.

What kind of nonsense is this!????!!
You have to pay to use the elevator in this parking garage???!!!!!
I think that a group such as the American Association of People with Disabilities needs to jump on the owners of this parking garage.
I apparently had gotten some chicken stock with my dinner and had an asthma attack that evening. We also ended up having to park on the sixth level of this insensitive garage (I wish I had the name of this place so I could lodge a complaint, but at that time I was just struggling to breathe). I took my rescue inhaler and was able to travel down the six flights with few problems, but the return trip up would prove to be a problem.
In the end I was able to make it up three flights before needing to rest. My husband and daughter told me to stay put and rest before they continued up to the car. A few minutes later they drove down to pick me up. I have a nice family. I still don't like the garage owners, though. Greedy people.

Well, at least we are here.

Whew, they have escalators here. After having our belongings searched, we continued up to the upper levels where our seats were located.

Isn't this nice? We even got seats in the handicapped section. That means we get padded seats, plenty of room and cup holders.

Sh, the game's about to start. After watching the thrilling end to the previous game (two overtimes!) we are psyched.

I've got the spirit.

Each team was given a certain number of tickets for the game. Since the South Panther fans ended up filling two-thirds to three-fourths of the arena, I have the feeling that we got more tickets somehow.

Oh my, after several nail-biting moments, our team finally won. Bloomington South Panthers were undefeated in this season! Go South!

The team and coaching staff take the stage.

In honor of the coach who took the team to its first state championship, the school basketball court has been officially named J. R. Holmes Court.

Well, that was exciting. I now return us to our everyday, normal life...


Dr. Julie-Ann said...

Congratulations on the win!

Clarification, please. Wasn't the sign by the elevator the notification that you pay for parking when you leave the garage (not that you have to pay to use the elevator because that would violate ADA)?

They've got signs like those at our local malls because people get confused looking for the pay machines.

Dr. Julie-Ann said...

Adding: If I'm correct that it meant that you pay for parking when you leave, they could have been clearer about it! It IS a bit confusing!

Marilyn said...

One would hope that the signs were simply reminders to pay before leaving the garage. However, the signs were only by the elevators and as with most garages, there were gates that prevented the cars from leaving without paying (although in our case we had to pay prior to parking for the special event).

Dr. Julie-Ann said...

Well...that is just skanky on their part. Is there no end to the ways some of these places will try to get money from you? I mean, $20 hot dogs are bad enough!

(Okay, so the Rose Bowl/Dodger Stadium/Santa Anita Park don't really charge $20 for a hot dog but it sure feels like it!)