Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Clean-Up on Aisle Three

I am sure that every blogger winds up with odds-and-ends and little bits, that while not warranting their own blog post, are just too good to pass by. I have decided that I will corral these pesky little guys into a neat bundle and toss them out into the blog-sphere every once in a while.

So what is a dedicated house-wife to do when she has 30 minutes to kill before she has to go out for an appointment? Why, take apart the stove-top and begin cleaning, of course. Silly you.

It looks like I've lost my glass of water to the precious cat. As the poor dear is very ill, I will cut him some slack. Besides, I can grab another glass for myself.

Poor Midnight wants food, but he just doesn't feel good enough to actually eat much of it.

Ah ha! So this is why we were without power a couple of weeks ago.

And this sink hole in the yard across from our neighborhood is a reminder of the fact that we live in limestone country.

Look what you can do with the petals from the spent roses from a bouquet. Pull the petals off and place them in a single layer on a towel. Allow them to dry for several days before gathering them and placing the dried petals in a decorative container. Rose oil can be added to make a scented potpourri.

As I mentioned in a recent post, one of the dishes that can be made with Cincinnati-Style Chili is Chili Dogs. Well, what do you know? It just so happens that we are having Chili Dogs for lunch. What a coinkydink.
Here I have the left-over Cincinnati-Style Chili, hot dog buns, hot dogs, onion and shredded cheddar cheese. How bad can that be?

The hot dogs and the chili are heated in the microwave before the sandwiches are assembled.

Now this is some good food.
Okay, clean-up is finished for now.

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Hairball said...

Whenever our cats steal our water we call it taking the "tall water".

I'm sorry to hear that Midnight is not improving.