Monday, March 23, 2009

Sandra Lee's Test Kitchen
After watching the latest installment of that great Food Network sitcom, Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee, I was inspired to try one of the recipes shown. Now mind you, I had no hopes that this recipe would actually turn out well. In fact, I fully expected this recipe to be absolutely horrible. Sounds like a good time, huh?

In "Log Cabin Camping", Sandra Lee made Smorritos. These apparently are her answer to S'mores.

The ingredients are flour tortillas, marshmallow cream, ground cinnamon, vanilla extract, caramel, graham crackers, bananas and chocolate chips. I had semi-sweet chocolate chips on hand, so I followed "chef" Lee's advice to use what ever I had in the pantry.

First I poured some caramel topping in a bowl and added a few drops of vanilla extract. As this is a Test Kitchen experiment, I was careful to use the same methods shown. Thus, the misuse of the cap to measure the extract. My daughter made sure that I had rinsed out the cap afterwards.

Then it was time to spread some marshmallow fluff on one half of the flour tortilla.

Next, one half of a banana was sliced and layered on top. I am happy to tell you that the remaining half of the banana was delicious.

I was directed to sprinkle about a tablespoon of the chocolate chips on top of that.

Then, some graham cracker was crumbled on top.

The tortilla was folded over and wrapped in foil.

The original recipe calls for the Smorrito to be cooked on a gas grill, but "chef" Lee says that I could cook this in my oven if I'd like. I'd like, so I am.

These took longer to cook than the 3 minutes on each side that "chef" Lee promised.

The 'dolled up' caramel sauce was artistically drizzled over the Smorrito.
And how did this taste?

  • The poor daughter took one bite before spitting it back out. She pronounced it to be the most disgusting thing she had ever tried to eat.

I wasn't much better, as I could only stomach the one small bite that I took.

This is where this recipe belongs.
Do yourself a favor and don't even think of making this dish.
Well, I'd say this was a successful Sandra Lee's Test Kitchen experiment.


Hairball said...

Your poor daughter! Is she okay??

Dr. Julie-Ann said...

Aw, come now. We could all see that coming, couldn't we, when she ("chef" Lee) couldn't even get the "burrito" fold right*. And I didn't even SEE the show!

I must commend you, though, for giving it a shot. I salute you!

*That was a quesadilla fold if I ever saw one. Not that it would have changed anything. Marshmallows and chocolate just don't go with flour tortillas. It's on the very fine print on the back of the package.

CarolynA said...

Your effort looked prettier than Aunt Sandy's. I could almost see the flavors.

Kathy said...

Reminds me of the fiascoes Rosie & I tried. Your bravery will be rewarded. Someday. Maybe.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Thanks for taking one for the team, you brave woman you.

Kelly (GothicGirltx) said...

It is good to know that it is in fact as bad as it looked! Thank you for the Sandy PSA. :)

Carrot Jello said...

I think the problem was the bananas. (and the tortilla) Fruit and chocolate should never be mixed. It's like poison. It's a good thing your daughter didn't die, or report you to CPS for trying to poison her.

I agree with Dr. Julie.
It should have been called a smorsadilla. I've never seen a burrito wrapped like that.

Anonymous said...

Why does Sandra insist on sticking bananas in all of her s'more-like devices? Why?!

LD50 Rat said...


Your poor daughter. Doesn't that almost border on child abuse?

That recipe sounds like something some wake and bake tried on a Sunday morning after smoking a brick. Except he would have used a microwave. That might improve the recipe, because the mess would actually melt.

Thanks for the laff....

LD50 Rat