Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Garden Conservatory

Yippee! I figured out my issue with my photo storage, so now we can continue with our tour of Gaylord Opryland Resort, as promised. The Garden Conservatory addition was built in 1983, six years after the original hotel opened.

The sky walk traverses the length of the garden and connects the Magnolia section (the original part of the hotel) with the newer Cascades atrium.

Waterfalls in the one-acre atrium.

This is a warm, tropical retreat.

Looking down on one of my favorite paths in the hotel.

This path leads down to the gardens. Have I mentioned how many steps are in this place? No? Well, that might be because I haven't bothered to count them all (and there are a lot!). And not to worry, there are numerous ramps and wheelchair-friendly paths throughout. The hotel even rents out wheelchairs and electric scooters. And you know, after a few days of walking around the gardens, that option doesn't sound half bad.

The dear daughter is posing for her close-up. Oh wait, she's playing shy today.

This is probably the coolest spot in the warm atrium.

The streams meander throughout the atrium.

As do the waterfalls.

This is a nice spot to sit and watch the people and the koi.

Speaking of koi...

Even though this is a man-made environment, it truly is relaxing to wander among the plants and waterfalls.

Yeah, I could get used to this.

And the gardens are even more magical at night.

Bonus: Friend Rosie Hawthorne suggested that I play with one of my photos from the Cascades post. Is this what you wanted, Rosie?


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Excellent! Love it. I'd look at that on a calendar for a month.

Conservatory Supplier said...

The night display of the garden is what i like most in all above pictures and the photography is also excellent.