Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring, Spring, Spring, Spring, Spring, Spring, Spring.Spring (to the tune of Spam Wonderful, Spam, ... you know, Monty Python...wink, wink...)

Much to both my cat's and my own delight, our often volatile weather cooperated enough today so that we were able to spend our afternoon out on our back deck. Now, this is where I drew upon my 'vast' experience with teenagers and their sometimes obnoxious music, so that I could endeavor to ignore my neighbor's youngest teenage son and his friends and their very loud music. I will admit to sometimes bringing out my own music while I sit upon my deck, but I know that my music had absolutely no hope of overpowering their music today, not that I would ever attempt to such a fruitless endeavor... so, I resolved to go with the flow, although, Scott, honey? It would have been a bit easier if you could have just picked a song and gone with it...

I realize that you cannot yet click on a picture here and have it easily comply (read, without going through several silly steps) with your wishes; the point in this photograph here is that my cat, Midnight, is completely oblivious to the bird perched above him. And I am trying to get my daughter to figure out what is going on with my photos. But, teenagers!

Anyway, it was a very enjoyable afternoon out on the deck and I actually finished reading another one of my cookbooks. You'd think they were crime novels the way I devour them... Oh shush, I have never killed anyone with my cooking. Well, not that anyone can actually prove, anyway... Bwa ha ha!

Apparently, a lot of people had a lot of places to go today.

Oops, so on with the show...

Yes, Midnight has been feeling the lack of attention lately. And he is such a good boy, too. Did you notice that he is in his harness and on his leash?


The sky is blue, and this is true

I love this view and you should too.

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