Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Joys of Home Ownership and Winter's Revenge

If you recall from a couple of days ago, we are once again plagued with demon leaks. At a certain point in the day, I had to acquiesce to the forces of nature and graduated from a towel to a bucket. And doesn't this water just look icky?

Ooh, brown water. How fun...

And do you remember the wonderful, warm 65 degree afternoon I spent on my back deck just 2 1/2 days ago? Well, look at what Mother Nature deposited on that same deck last evening:

Ack! It's white! It's cold! It's icky!

And I am so tired of the white landscape, thank you very much.

Excuse me, but there are supposed to be plants growing here. I don't care if it's only the beginning of March. I want the green... and now! Or heads are going to roll!

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