Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mongolian Beef and Noodles

My husband has a meeting tonight, so Kelley and I get to have an Asian-inspired dinner. Wanting something a bit different, I found a recipe for Mongolian Beef.

The ingredients for the beef and the marinade. Please ignore the sesame seeds as they come later in the recipe. This is why I often rewrite recipes: I prefer the ingredients listed together and the directions written in a way that makes sense to me.

Now we get to the sesame seeds. They are toasted in a dry pan over medium heat. Do not allow them to burn. Set aside for later in the recipe.

I sliced the beef into thin, bite-size strips.

The meat marinates in the mixture.

The ingredients for the sauce. Now, this is where the sesame seeds come in.

The finished sauce.

I decided to add some more veggies to the mix since I am trying to eat more fresh vegetables.

The veggies have been sliced and diced.

I decided to use Udon noodles for this dish. However, I can only find these noodles packaged with a tiny packet of seasonings, additives and preservatives.

So, can you guess what happened to that little mystery packet? Yep, it got tossed to the side.

It's important to not crowd the pan when sauteeing the meat.

Once the meat has been sauteed in batches, it is time to do the veggies.

Add the beef back in, pour in the sauce and gently break apart the udon noodles and add those to the pan.

Toss, and serve. Sorry, we were too busy eating to take any more photos.

While this was good, we do prefer other stir fries we have had a bit better. I ended up making a quick Teriyaki Sauce to appease my daughter's palate. All in all, good. Not great, but good.

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