Thursday, January 20, 2011

General Tso's Pork?

While out shopping for groceries and other assorted goods

before our latest snowstorm hit the other day,

I stopped in at my favorite Chinese restaurant,

Sunny Palace.

I know from experience that the $7.50* or so that I spend

here be will vastly outweighed on what I will save at the grocery store.

*They got a larger tip this time because they deserved it!

Here is a real money saving tip for you:

Never go to the grocery store hungry.

You will easily spend $20 to $40 or more on food

than you need or want.

And that's a fact.

Now on this fine day I finally got up the nerve to ask

a special request.

One of my all time favorite American-Chinese dishes

is General Tso's Chicken.

However, you will remember that I am allergic to chicken.



I asked if there was any way that they could prepare

this fine dish with pork instead of chicken.

The kind gentleman replied that he would have to ask,

but he thought that they might be able to use

the pork from the sweet and sour pork and combine it

with the sauce for the General Tso's Chicken for me.

After consulting with the kitchen,

he informed me that it was indeed possible.

I thanked him and looked forward to this dish.

I ordered my usual won ton soup with pork-filled won tons.

Delicious as always.

Much needed on a cold, damp, dreary day like this.

Finally, the hybrid General Tso's/pork dish arrived with

fried rice.

It was good.

It was nice.

It also reminded me just why I so loved

General Tso's Chicken

- for the chicken.


Still, I very much appreciate the effort

and thoughtfulness that the staff of

Sunny Palace went through for me.

And that is just part of why this is my

favorite Chinese restaurant in B-town.

Remember - when you find a favorite

restaurant; frequent it, promote it, help it

- especially in this economy.

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